Upon booking your ticket(s) you are agreeing to these Terms and Conditions.  

All attendees must comply with these Terms and Conditions and all lawful directives of Festival staff. Failure to do so may result in denial of entry or being asked to leave the site or being removed from the site using any legal means in the case of refusal to leave, all without refund, or referral to New Zealand police if deemed appropriate.

Flamingo Pier reserves the right to add to or amend these Terms from time to time. Amendments will take effect when posted on the Flamingo Pier festival website. Please check the FAQs section regularly for changes and to ensure you have up to date information as you are bound by these terms and conditions. If you purchase a ticket after any amendments to these Terms, you agree to be bound by the updated version of these Terms.


See also section 10 below of these Terms and Conditions.  

It’s possible that Flamingo Pier Waiheke could be cancelled or postponed for a variety of reasons, whether due to unavailability of DJs/bands who have previously committed to the event, or because of weather conditions or situations, or because of epidemics or pandemics or natural disasters, or otherwise.

Cancellation: if the event is cancelled, you will be entitled to a refund, which will be 80% of the ticket price (the other 20% of the price will be retained by us to assist with expenses that we have incurred or will incur in organising the event).

Postponement and Rescheduling: if the event is postponed and is to be rescheduled, then upon receiving details from us, you can choose between the following options:

obtain a refund, which will be 80% of the ticket price (the other 20% of the price will be retained by us to assist with expenses that we have incurred or will incur in organising the event as originally scheduled) ; or

receive a ticket for the rescheduled Flamingo Pier to be held either in the Summer of 2023 or the Summer of 2024.

If the event is cancelled, no action is required on your part. We will contact you directly with details of your refund, which will be processed within 2 weeks.

If the event is postponed and is to be rescheduled, we will contact you directly so that you can then choose which of the two options above you choose. If you choose a refund, we will process your refund within the further period of 2 weeks. If you choose a ticket for the rescheduled event, your existing ticket will be valid for the new dates.

Refunds or tickets to the rescheduled event will be issued only to the original purchaser or to the original credit card used for the purchase.


By attending Flamingo Pier, you are accepting that the following behaviours are unacceptable and may result in removal from the festival and potential police involvement:

Non-Consensual touching, invasion of personal space and unwelcome sexual attention

Racist, Homophobic, Transphobic, Sexist or other Discriminatory Language

Aggression or Violence

If you experience or witness any behaviour that makes you or anyone else feel uncomfortable, please talk with the door person, bar manager or one of the party hosts.


3.1  The Organisers and Licence Holders reserves the right to refuse admission.

3.2  No admission without a valid Eventbrite e-ticket.

3.3 All ticket types are non- transferable.

3.4  Tickets are in the form of barcodes and will be scanned upon entry; once a barcode has been scanned and swapped for a wristband it cannot be used again.

Tickets will not be admitted if they can’t be scanned e.g. because the ticket has been damaged.  

3.5  The first scanned ticket to arrive at the event will be allowed entry; any subsequent ticket with the same barcode will be denied access. The organisers accept no responsibility or liability for any inconvenience caused by the unauthorised duplication of a ticket. Do not post images of your barcode on social media.

3.6 All attendees on-site must have a valid form of admittance, which must constitute one of the following forms:

Valid attendee wristband accreditation once on-site.

Valid authorised Flamingo Pier accreditation.

3.7 Wristbands and other forms of accreditation on-site are designed to be secure and non-removable (without destroying the wristband).  Wristbands removed from the wrist, tampered with, lost or missing will be rendered invalid and will not be replaced. Those without valid wristbands will be required to leave the site and if necessary, will be removed from the site using any legal means, all without refund. All wristbands issued by Flamingo Pier remain the property of Flamingo Pier Ltd until 11:55pm Sunday 5th February 2023.

3.8  The Organisers or venue will not be held liable for any loss, injuries or damage sustained at the event including damage, theft or losses to property and motor vehicles, if the cause is due to the negligence of the ticket holder or the unforeseeable actions of other patrons or third parties.

3.9  Do not buy tickets from other third party sources, as we cannot ensure these tickets are genuine. Invalid or duplicate barcodes will not be allowed entry into the festival site.


4.1  Flamingo Pier runs a rigorous bag search operation at the gates, and you should expect to be searched on entry. This may include clothing/bag searches at the gates, onsite or when leaving.

4.2  The Festival has a strict no BYO policy. Any contraband alcohol found during searches or within the festival grounds will be confiscated.

4.3  Flamingo Pier has a No Drugs Policy regarding the possession, use or sale of any illegal drugs listed under the Psychoactive Substances Act 2013.  

4.4  Additional prohibited items include: anything considered to be a weapon (including knives); sound systems; glass bottles (excluding make-up and perfume); fireworks; explosives; BBQs; smoke and gas canisters; air horns; flares; weapons or potential weapons; laser devices; drones and UAVs; sky lanterns; paraffin lamps, candles, generators, wood chopping or processing tools, chemical toilets, unofficial hi-visibility clothing, spray cans, marker pens.

4.5 The list in 4.4  is not exhaustive, Flamingo Pier reserves the right to confiscate any potentially harmful items or substances at our discretion. Please be aware that work tools, ladders, 2-way radios etc can be deemed a potential security breach and Flamingo Pier reserves the right to confiscate such items on entry to the festival gates.

4.6 At the search and entry point, ticket holders will be given the opportunity to give up (AMNESTY) prohibited items in their possession prior to search. Once passed the Amnesty area, any person found in possession of a prohibited item may be refused entry or requested to leave or removed from the site using any legal means if they refuse to leave, all without refund, and will have the item confiscated and not returned.

4.7 E-cigarettes are allowed. E-cigarette liquid is only allowed if it is sealed and easily identifiable. If it can’t be identified or the seal is broken, it will be confiscated.

4.8 Signs or materials displaying discriminatory, derogatory or offensive messages, slogans or images are not permitted.


5.1 ALL patrons will be required to produce valid identification at the entry gate and any time requested by security, bar staff, or event management throughout the festival.
If you cannot provide ID that is valid and in date, you will be refused entry into the festival site.

5.2 Accepted ID is limited to: photographic NZ driving license, HANZ Kiwi Access Card, or a NZ or  international passport. Photocopies or digital copies on phones will not be accepted.

5.3  The event is strictly R18 and has been promoted as such. If you arrive at the gate and are under the age of 18, or fail to provide a valid form of identification listed in 5.2 you will be refused entry.

5.4 No refund will be given to those refused entry for the reason of not being of age or failing to produce a valid form of ID.


6.1 The artist and performer line-up and all billed attractions are subject to change at any time without notice.  

6.2 As a condition of sale, the ticket holder consents to being filmed, photographed and recorded for television, feature films, radio, webcast and other public broadcast and/or for any video/DVD or by onsite CCTV cameras and recordings for safety and security purposes.

6.3 Tickets cannot be used as part of any marketing, media or sales promotion whether commercial or non-commercial without prior written permission of the event organisers.

6.4 Warning: exposure to loud and excessive music may be damaging to your hearing.

6.5 Pyrotechnics, lasers, smoke machines, strobe lighting and special effects may take place during some performances.

6.6 In accordance with Smoke-Free Regulations, indoor stages and other areas of the festival sign-posted as No Smoking areas (this includes e-cigarettes) mean No Smoking.

6.7 You must not urinate or defecate in places other than a toilet..

6.8 Please use bins and recycling points provided.

6.9 The burning of plastics, bedding, tents, furniture is not permitted anywhere on the site and could result in criminal charges being brought against anyone caught doing so.

6.10 Anti-social behaviour will not be tolerated.

6.11 Strictly no animals (with the exception of assistance dogs) will be allowed on the site.  

6.12 All attendees must comply with all lawful directives of Festival staff.

6.13 Attendees must not damage or attempt to damage property of other attendees, Flamingo Pier or of the Festival site.

6.14 A breach of any of 6.6-6.13 or of any event signage may result in your being refused entry or being asked to leave or being removed from the site using any legal means if you refuse to leave, all without refund.  Additionally, in relation to 6.9 and 6.13 in particular, action may be taken to recover the cost of any damage if appropriate.

6.15 All attendees on-site must comply with all official directives from staff and security in the event of emergency evacuations or situations.
6.16 Should there be an emergency requiring individuals to leave the site via vehicle, they will be released from the event on a one way policy.  


7.1 Filming and Photography is allowed throughout the public site for personal use, we ask that you do it respectfully. Photography and filming for commercial purposes can only be undertaken with the prior written approval from Flamingo Pier Festival.

7.2 Anyone using cameras or filming equipment (including all mobile devices) are expected to be courteous to their fellow festival attendees and ask permission before taking any up close shots.

7.3 Please do not hold up your phones/tablets etc for long periods of a set.

7.4 If you are found to be using their films/photos to make a profit onsite, your equipment may be confiscated and you run the risk of being asked to leave or being removed from the site using any legal means if you refuse to leave, all without refund.

7.5 Patron photographs taken at Flamingo Pier cannot be included in any sponsored programme or in any form of advertising without specific approval.

7.6 Photography is restricted or prohibited in certain areas: welfare and medical areas, security and police hubs and all backstage areas.

7.7 By entering the festival site you agree to grant the Festival permission to use your image in any publicity, marketing or promotional materials.


8.1 There is EXTREMELY limited car parking on the street outside the venue. Please arrive by public transport, chartered bus or taxi.

8.2 Vehicles are parked entirely at the owners risk.


9.1 Fullers Group Limited public ferries, a chartered ferry on Sunday night and chartered buses back to Auckland from Matiatia Wharf. They also provide buses to and from Flamingo Pier to Matiatia Wharf. Tickets for ferries and buses can be found at www.fullers.co.nz. The FAQ section of www.flamingopier.net will be updated with information once Fullers transport packages are made available and ticket holders will be emailed.

9.2 Flamingo Pier is not responsible for your transport to and from the event and is not liable for any damage caused by any transport providers.


10.1 Entry to the event may require proof of your having received full vaccination, including booster shots, with the final vaccination or the most recent booster having been received at least 2 weeks prior to the event.  This requirement may be put in place at any time up to the date of the event.  Ticket holders will be notified by email.  Those who haven’t yet bought tickets will be able to see any such requirement via a prominent posting on the Flamingo Pier festival website.  Should you have purchased a ticket and be unwilling or unable to provide the required proof, you will not be entitled to any refund, given that you at the time of purchase, you know that proof is or may be required.  You have the right not to disclose your vaccination status but unless you make disclosure as required by this clause 10.1 to provide the required proof of vaccination, you will not be able to attend the event.

10.2  All attendees at the event must comply with all health and safety measures mandated in any way by or on behalf of the Government (including by any Government Agency or by any District Health Body or the Auckland Council) or any lawful body having the authority and power to impose any such mandate, whether the measures relate to an event of this kind or are general in nature, including (by way of example only) mask wearing and social distancing.  Any breach of any such measures may result in expulsion from the event, without refund.

10.3 There will be no refund if any ticket holder is unable to attend the event because of the imposition of any lawful travel restrictions on personal movement.

10.4  Should the event be cancelled or postponed for any reason related to the Covid 19 pandemic, including (by way of example only) due to any restrictions imposed under Alert Levels or otherwise imposed by or on behalf of the Government (including by any Government Agency) or by any District Health Body or the Auckland Council or any lawful body having the authority and power to impose any such mandate, any costs that you have incurred in relation to attending the event, including (by way of example only) accommodation or travel expenses, are at your risk and Flamingo Pier will not be liable for them.  As to the cost of tickets purchased, see Section 1 above.